The Problem

With 1.7 Million new infections and 100,000 annual deaths
hospital acquired infections are the 4th leading cause of death in the US

- Source: World Health Report 2012

Billions of dollars are invested in medical technology and people around the globe work on improving results.
Their most important goal is to minimize the risk of infection for patients and medical staff.
One-way medical gloves provide the optimum of protection – until taken off.

When taking off medical gloves, every 3rd health care worker grabs the upper edge. It is the most convenient way to dispose medical gloves, however the wrist area is contaminated. Additionally, most health care workers do not disinfect the wrist area after patient contact.

Invisible germs spread around the hospital and can be transferred with every touch or handshake.


Diseases are spread - in a place where they should actually be fought.

To break the infection chain, IP Gloves were invented.

Our Solution: IP Gloves


The Infection Prevention Gloves maintain the protective features known from conventional medical gloves - they also provide a germ-free way to take off the gloves.

A convex flap, called "Doffy" is placed on the glove. Doffy is grabbed and the glove can be pulled off.

The wrist is not touched with the contaminated outer finger surface during the take off process.



Conventional Gloves
Wrist contamination  

The red color illustrates invisible germs


IP Gloves succeed with an intuitional takeoff-process. Doffy's shape allows it to be grabbed easily.

Finally, the wrists stay completely germ-free.




The use of IP Gloves decreases the germ load in the wrist area dramatically 

- Dr. med. T. Wilmann



  • Perfect anatomical positioning
  • Optimal measurements
  • Doffy is small enough not to hinder the user
  • Wearable on left and right hand
  • Extremely high tear resistance
  • Prevent wrist contamination

We have invested a year of research, conducting several trials with doctors and medical staff to find the optimal anatomical positioning. Doffy is small enough to not disturb and is gripped during the takeoff process.

(..) I forgot I was using IP Gloves after a few minutes of work  
- Dr. Med. T. Zay